I look forward to sharing my passion for tennis with you.

Roland Oganyan,  Tennis Pro                           617-458-9426        tenis234@yahoo.com

My name is Roland Oganyan. I created Miami Tennis Lessons to provide high-quality, affordable, professional tennis training to anyone who would like it.

My History - I started playing tennis at 16! In spite of a late start, I played all through college. It wasn't easy. I wasn't a natural, but perseverance and a willingness to learn helped me win.

By 2015, I was ranked as high as #3 in New England!

See a bit about my college tennis career (and some embarrassingly young photos :) ) here

​My Teaching Style -  I am laid back. I love playing tennis and I believe that anyone who wants to play enough to get training must love it too.  My lesson plans include lots of work on technique and hitting to build consistency. 

Like I said above, I had to work for my ranking. I can show you how to use the same grit and determination to get to where you want to be in the tennis world.

It starts with the basics: you have to have a proper grip control and swings in order to move forward. The very best players are consistent with their grips, their backswings, and their swings.

As students progress, we begin to train on footwork, strategy, and match play. 

My Students - I have taught students from 7 to 70 years old. From absolute beginners to advanced 4.5 players. One of my students went from a beginner with me to ranking in the Top 20 in New England.

Perfection -  One of the skills that my students value most is that I am able to spot and correct those tiny mistakes that they make consistently. Any problems that need correcting, we can do together.